New Forums - ‘Church Jobs’ and ‘Church Exchange’


We’re excited to announce two new open forums for churches.

Church Jobs’ is where you can post an opening for a pastor or other staff position in your church. Just visit the forum and click ‘post new topic’ to add your listing. To make it easy for people to skim the list, be sure to put the position title in the subject line.

Church Exchange’ can be used to trade, give away, or sell things your church is longer using. In the past, we’ve had churches use our various forums to give away choir robes, education materials, microphones, worship banners, and more. With the new ‘Church Exchange’ forum, we hope to encourage more of these church-to-church exchanges and put them all in one convenient place.

Want to get notified whenever there’s a new post in these forums? Use the link on the right side of the forum page to subscribe to email notifications. When subscribing, it gives you the option to receive notifications instantly or as summary emails (daily or weekly, as you prefer).

To get even more exposure for your position opening or exchange item, consider running it in The Banner as well. Paper, ink and postage cost money, so you’ll need to pay for those ads. But you’ll get exposure in almost 100,000 copies.

We hope these new forums will help you and your church. It’s just another way The Network helps all of us connect for ministry.

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This is a GREAT idea! Glad to see the Network expanding in this way.

These are two wonderful new forums. Thank you!