Do you listen to music when writing sermons?


Okay, so this might be an odd question, and part of it is to see if I'm not the only one: Do you have certain music that helps you write sermons and prep them? I use the term sermonating for writing sermons and give credit for that to Doug Vande Kamp.

This seems a bit weird, but to be honest, professional atheletes have been doing it for a long time. And when exercising, I know a ton of people who have their own playlist just for that.

I tend to listen to Celtic music while doing my research for sermons. I listen to a variety of rock when writing sermons and listen to worship music when doing my prep before church.

Do you listen to music when sermonating? What do you listen to? Does it help?

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Yes, I listen to mucis while working on sermons, I listen to Christian paino music, particularly to  Dino.

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Thanks for sharing. Not sure I"ve ever heard of Dino before. I'll have to look him up.

I have throughout my preaching career, but it started in Bible college and Seminary. I like the "background noise." It helps me focus. I mostly listen to Christian hardcore music, which has had recent 'reformation' of sorts, beginning to focus on content again, rather than just vaguely Christian lyrics. The energetic presentation of Gospel messages stirs my soul. I find, though, as the Spirit begins to move in my prep, that I am less aware of the music and more aware of His presence (and I mean this in a deeper way than the triteness of the phrasing allows). I feel a real connection to God, through His word, which is partially facilitated by the music, just like worship in church.

I listen to itunes - radio - religious.

It has 300+ religious stations.

I switch between Christian Acappella 2, purpose driven radio, the faithful road and others. 

I discovered a few years ago that Handel has 20+ oratorios besides the Messiah, which I used to listen to (religiously?), many on such biblical characters as Saul, Nabal, Gideon, Sampson, Athalia, as well as ones on Judas Maccabeus and Israel in Egypt.   I find them very helpful in getting my head in the right place when writing.

Looking for Biblical support for message writing and music? Look at 2 Kings 3, especially verse 15.