Do you write a blog?


Two questions here:

1) Do you write a blog? If you do, could you please post it to this forum. I've enjoyed reading other pastor's blogs over this last year. It's been helfpul in gainging insight to different ways of preaching, doing ministry and in general what's out there.

2)If you don't have a blog, is there a blog you read on a regular basis that you really like? Could you please post it here as well and share?


by the way, here's mine

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Hi Josh,

I think you've been to my blog before: Here's the list of blogs that the weekly "For CRC Pastors" e-newsletter follows.


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Sorry for taking so long to reply.

I've greatly apprecaited the blog list that the CRC's been posting on their google reader and on the newsletter. I'm just wondering if there are more pastors or even elders, deacons, church leaders who keep a blog who aren't on the list.

By the way, I'm working on switching my blog over to wordpress now.