Worship Planners Share 8 Ways to Better Prepare for Covid Challenges (Plan B, Plan C, Etc.) 


Well friends, these past few weeks have shown us that Covid isn't done with us yet. In the wake of this intense Omicron variant, participants at the weekly Worship Ministries Roundtable brainstormed a list of ways to be prepared. 

Each participant shared a recent situation in which someone has been unable to come to church due to an exposure or positive test results. Realizing this might be the case for the next few weeks, participants came up with a list of ways to better prepare for Plan B, Plan C, etc. 

  1. Don't Party With Church People. Okay, that's only semi-serious. However, if your entire technology team decides to get together, take into consideration what happens if someone tests positive.  
  2. Do Your Best to Forgo Mid-Week Rehearsals (For a While). If your praise team meets on Tuesday and is positive, it could expose several of your members.  Can you do familiar music that doesn't need mid-week rehearsals? Same goes for in-person staff meetings.
  3. Have an "On Call" List (With a Backup in Place). 
  4. Record a Live stream/Technology How-to Video. Have someone on your team put together a short video explaining the steps needed to get up and running. Even if it's not as high quality as the church is used to, someone will be able to get the basics done.
  5. Have an Emergency File Ready to Go With a Reading Sermon and a Fully Scripted Liturgy.
  6. Fully Script Your Own Liturgy for the Week. It is much easier to hand off something already written with transitions, prayers, etc. at the last minute. 
  7. Don’t Forget the Video Sermon Library (With 15 Sermons in Case You Need Something Last Minute!)
  8. Go Through Your Pre-recorded Music From the Last 2 Years So You Remember What You’ve Got at the Ready to Use if Needed.

We acknowledge it's hard to start a new year with uncertainty and another round of pivots in our churches. We hope these are just a few helpful things to think about now so you can be mentally and physically prepared if you need to make a last-minute change. 

God is good and God is present in our worship regardless of whether it's Plan A, Plan B, etc. Grace and peace in this new year!

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