This mind-set of seeing every child as specially designed by God is what challenges us, but also motivates us, as leaders. Our role is to find a way to communicate God’s love to each child. 

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In many ways, the nursery epitomizes what the church is about: Knowing each other. Living life together. Chasing each other when necessary. And allowing no one to forget God loves them.

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Resource, Story or Testimony

Faith CRC in Pella, IA, welcomes children each week to Story Hour and Little Lambs. Read about the ripple effect of this program on the children, families and volunteers! 

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Resource, Webinar Recording

Watch and enjoy this great webinar for Story Hour, Little Lambs and preschool ministry leaders, led by Diane Dykgraaf.  It is packed with inspiring tips and helpful tools for teaching 2 - 7 year old children.  

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What do Faberge Organics Shampoo and the God Loves Me Bible story books have in common? You might be suprised.

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Resource, Webinar Recording

This webinar recording highlights the benefits and learning aspects of two Bible story curricula for preschool age children.

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Resource, Lesson or Study

Play is the newest preschool resource available from Faith Alive, and is based on 36 stories from Genesis through Acts. To learn more and download samples of all Faith Alive's preschool resources including Walk With Me, God Loves Me, Story Hour, and Little Lambs, visit

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Curious how people run their story hour programs while moms meet for coffee break. I have used the crc curriculum since I started four years ago but find it's getting a little old. Any possibilities of it being revamped soon? I love this minisitry and have sooo much fun with my kids.

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About 4 years ago, we started a preschool ministry in our church that has grown tremendously and has been a great mission/outreach for our church. I would be interested in hearing from others who have been involved in similar ministries and would love to learn from your experience.

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Thanks for great words of encouragement!

I really should have mentioned that we have some great Story Hour material to use.  We need to give a lot of credit to the author of it because without if we would be pretty lost.  Sometimes we simplify things in order to fit everything in our morning, but the material is a fantastic resource -- the Bible story, crafts, songs, etc.  Thanks to all who make it possible and the support we get in reaching lives for Jesus.




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