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I was leading the 4-year-old class at church a couple weeks ago and left the experience with a bit of a haughty thought: The songs we sang when I was a kid were better. 

Judgy, right? 

I serve once a month and it’s not quite enough to get a good handle on the songs but since I’m being brutally honest here, I’ll also share that I’m not a huge fan of cueing up the too-loud songs on a video screen. 

While I think a couple kids were singing along, I could barely hear their voices. And oh are those voices precious! 

And so I go off script. I sing Jesus Loves Me, This Is The Day, and My God Is So Big, So Strong and So Mighty. We do motions and signs. We sing the same few songs, again and again. They catch on.  

But really, I approach this humbly and with curiosity. What is your experience? Have you found a curriculum that has “sticky” songs? What songs stick in your household? Please share! 

Related, I just started listening to Seeds Family Worship with my kids and love how the catchy songs sing Scripture, word for word. I’m also a forever-fan of Ellie Holcomb, who has produced a couple EPs for kids, including Sing: Creation Songs and Sing: Remembering Songs.


We belong to a CRC that too many stands out as the CRC of the future - very diverse, growing in membership (but not attendance), producing several candidates for the ministry, great young peoples programs. But music wise, for a couple who grew up in the RCA & CRC, and are now in their mid 70's, it's a big disappointment. Since 3 of the 4 songs are "performed" at the beginning of the service, we made the decision to enter the sanctuary just prior to the sermon. The pastor has turned over the music to a couple of people and they don't seem to want outside suggestions. The common phrase is "we love the pastor and we tolerate the music". 

kids, like adults are becoming observers of songs when we play the videos or even with the song tracks. Also some times praise teams are not helping the participation or communal worship singing. Now in most CRC churches we are singing songs from Hillsong, Bethel or Elevation sources. IMHO some of those songs should be really evaluated, for kids and adults, more direction from our denomination should be welcomed by worship committees or children's worship/VBS

When we were 4 years old we sang other songs and many naturally stuck in our heads. When we were 16 other songs stuck in our heads, while others we said the words but didn't know the meanings behind the songs. Today our children (our teens and young adults) are listening to other Christian Worship songs, and they are coming back to Churches that understand that Worship includes singing and praises that all the people know and enjoy. Many of these new songs are the new Psalms - songs of joy and sorrow mostly though are Praise and Glory our God, Our Father, Our Saviour!

Having worked in the Music Industry in the 1990 - if you came into the Record Companies (Sony, EMI, Capitol (owned by EMI etc) you wouldn't get 10 minutes of a Artist & Relations person (the ones that pick the groups and their songs) they would say thanks don't call us we'll call you. The Christian Music or Gospel Music was frowned up. But there were many bands that snuck in song with religious meanings - and guess what the teens loved them and the parents hated them except for my father. He's 87 and he still loves to sing a popular teen song from the 1970s

"Singin' joy to the world
All the boys and girls now
Joy to the fishes in the deep blue sea
Joy to you and me"

By Three Dog Night

I'm 62 and I love so many of the new Psalms "What a Beautiful (Wonderful ) Name is Jesus, Cornerstone, Mighty to Save - Hillsong (yes I've heard all the scandals and stories I chose to listen to the Praise and Worship instead of gossip and scandals), you don't want Hillsong try Kistene DiMarco "It is Well" or Zach Williams "No longer a Slave"


So here's an idea for Parents, Pastors, Parishioners and our youth - let them sing their songs in Church. Let them have a Worship team play some of the older songs AND some of the newer songs! - Keep our Teens and Young Adults in Church through worship songs they can relate to, and understand and Love!

Try it - you might find that these new Psalms will touch your soul and awaken an old heart to receive. I did and was Saved - my family would play some of these when I was fighting heart attacks and Covid-19 at the same time. And yes I listened to the older songs to, and I held my rosary and prayed to Mother Mary and to Jesus and The Father.

May God bless you regardless of your Church, let the children come to him through music and worship!

Jeffrey Thomson

Waterloo, Canada

My wife has been using the Getty Music Hymn of the Month with our children's ministry.  The kids have enjoyed it a lot and have learned both traditional hymns and new hymns (mostly from Getty Music).  Those songs are "sticking."  I would also agree that our kids need to hear "their" songs in worship.  We have tried to incorporate the "hymn of the month" into at least one worship time during that month.  Creates a great connection.

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