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Have you seen the ‘I’m Part of God’s Story’ design that Dwell curriculum posted to their Facebook page recently? (It’s also available on the new Dwell website and as a downloadable attachment below) In addition to capturing one of the values that’s at the heart of every session in the Dwell curriculum—helping children live into and out of God’s story—it’s a really fun design! As I looked at it I thought about some of the great ways it could be used to remind kids (and others) they are part of God’s story. Here are eight of them:

  1. Give a copy to each child as a coloring page. Better yet, enlarge it and color it around a table together as you talk about what it means to be part of God’s story. When you’re finished coloring the start, be sure to sign your names in all the blank spaces. Hang it up on the door of your meeting space.
  2. Add mini-versions of the design to nametags. (I clicked “Copy” to a Word doc, downsized the image, then clicked copy and paste until I had 12 on a page.) Tip: Save time by printing them on to a page with an adhesive backing.
  3. Downsize and print them on to adhesive paper and send each child home with one on their shirt. Better yet, send each child home with one on their shirt and one to stick to the shirts of each of their family members. Better yet, print one for everyone in the congregation and either place them on the chairs/pews before people arrive. Better yet, have the children personally distribute them to the congregation!
  4. Print them to T-shirts and give one to each child and leader. (Wouldn't it be adorable on a baby shirt as a baptism gift?) Tip: Maybe your pastor would like to wear it one Sunday too. The kids would be thrilled!
  5. Create a photo display in your church hallway. Take a photo of each child and leader and post them on a poster with an “I’m Part of God’s Story” sign in the middle of it. Better yet, post photos of everyone in the congregation and add them to your display.
  6. Make a congregational poster. Enlarge the image and place it in the center of a large sheet of paper. Place a container of colorful markers nearby and invite everyone to add their signature around the poster. Better yet, incorporate the poster signing into the worship service by setting up stations where people can come forward and add their name in response to the message. Hang the completed posters as a reminder throughout this education year that you’re all part of God’s story. Tip: Be sure to hang some of the completed posters at a child’s eye level.
  7. Cover journals. Buy notebooks at the dollar store and attach the ‘I’m Part of God’s Story’ design to the cover of each one. Encourage the children to use the journal this year to draw or write down their conversations and with God, favorite stories from the Bible or personal stories about times they felt God at work in their lives and through their lives, and more.
  8. Use them as name tags during your Dwell Family Event.

What other ideas do you have for ways to use the ‘I’m Part of God’s Big Story’ design this year?  

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