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Theresa E. Cho is a 2nd generation Korean-American pastor and mother. Her blog, Still Waters, is a gift the church. It chronicles the creative ways she draws her congregation and community together to worship, learn, and grow.

As educators we know that people learn best when their senses are engaged. Theresa Cho draws people in using color and sound, texture and scents, reflection and interaction. The experiences she creates are memorable, personal, and communal. Each time I read her blog I’m amazed at her creative and thoughtful programming. She pushes me to think of new ways to explore ancient truths. I hope she’ll stretch your imagination too!

Though her focus is on intergenerational worship experiences, many of her ideas would translate well into the Sunday school context. Check out pictures and descriptions of what she has done throughout Lent, using the outline of fingerprints to explore baptismal identity, mixing ashes with oil to create a confession experience, using chalk to create an outdoor Labyrinth… Or explore some of her prayer station ideas. What could you do with these ideas? What new ideas do they spark in you?


I love prayer stations! We have been doing them in different settings for a couple of years now. Many of the ideas we use come from websites and books geared toward youth--but they relate so well to adults and children alike. I have often gone to the Still Waters website, and have been blessed by her creativity. Here are some other websites that I use:

I also recommend "Sacred Space" by Dan Kimball & Lilly Lewin published by Zondervan. This is an excellent resource!

Does anyone else have another favorite resource for interactive prayer stations?

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