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Everyone dreams of a Sunday school where everyone comes on time, listens attentively, responds appropriately and loves to come every Sunday. Like in Lake Wobegon all the children, teens and adults in Sunday school are above average.

Then comes the reality of Sunday. Katy and Rebecca run into each other trying to get the same chair. August doesn’t want to sing so he stands with his back to the director for the first song. Elijah is yelling at the top of his voice so the song leader will notice him. Three teachers came late. Five high school kids don’t come at all. Does this ever happen to you?

As a Sunday school director I see this stuff because that is often what I have to respond to. It is easy to dwell on these details but last Sunday I looked for where God was working. I saw Gabriel, who is new in our church, looking for a place to sit until Isaac, a third grade boy, called his name and motioned for him to come join him. Jim, a Sunday school teacher, came 20 minutes early to be ready for his class. Since Ian’s mother was leading worship, Ian was given a hug and warmly invited to join another family in church.

The Lord is working here in my church and in yours. With all my busyness and my attention being drawn to the things that need my attention I often miss the things that make me want to come back. We tell the kids to listen and watch for God’s work and I need to remember that too.

So, what good things are happening in your Sunday school?  

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