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This curriculum review is part of the Children's Ministry Toolkit - a collection of resources for building strong and vibrant children's ministry, brought to you by Faith Formation Ministries.

WE is a series of intergenerational events that are designed to nurture the faith of all ages while spending time in God’s story together and building relationships with one another.

At each WE event, participants of all ages share a meal, experience part of God's story through a drama or other activities, and talk and learn together around tables. For an overview of how WE works, click here. For a closer look at what happens during a WE session, check out WE in action at Rosewood Church. To get a sense of the flow of a typical WE event, check out the free sample session People of Faith.

WE can be used in a variety of ways: as a monthly event for the whole church, following a worship service as a time of intergenerational learning, to celebrate Christmas or Easter, as a way to learn together about a particular story or topic, for Sunday evening worship, and more. WE is published by Faith Alive Christian Resources.


WE events are a great way to introduce your congregation to intergenerational learning and to build relationships between generations.


WE is written from a Reformed theological perspective.

Scope and Sequence

Although WE events have been grouped together by topic or theme, each event (with the exception of the Enter the Tabernacle series) can also be used on its own or out of sequence.  There are a variety of topics available:

  • The Epic Story (10 events that trace the narrative of God's story from creation to new creation)
  • The UnShakeable Promise (6 events exploring covenants and how they shape the salvation story)
  • Enter the Tabernacle (5 events exploring the connection between the OT Tabernacle, Jesus, and God’s desire to dwell with us),
  • Expectations (One event to celebrate Advent)

Learning Styles

WE was written with the multiple intelligences in mind. Each session includes opportunities for  movement, suggestions for music, activities for group interaction, visual aids, questions for contemplation, and more.

Living Into God’s Story

In addition to wondering questions and an opportunity to respond to God’s story with a hands-on activity, every session begins with a “table tent” of open ended questions to help participants to connect their own story to the Biblical story.

Living Out of God’s Story

The “Take It Further” ideas at the end of each session invite participants to move beyond the story and event they’ve just experienced and live out of God’s story at home and in their neighborhood. 

Faith Nurture in Community

WE is designed for community. As Derek Atkins describes in this video, WE brings people together so that “adults can learn from kids and kids can learn from adults.” And each session provides opportunities for different generations to interact with each other in ways that build relationships. Note: Because the participation of children is an integral part of each WE event, they are not recommended as events that are attended only by adults and teens.

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