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  1. Present and ready for use; at hand; accessible: 
  2. Capable of being gotten; obtainable: 
  3. Qualified and willing to serve or assist


  1. Done deliberately; intended: 
  2. Having to do with intention.

In the six months I have been doing my job I have come to realize one thing. One of the most important things I can do for my students is be available and intentional. To not leave things at Youth Group, but to be intentional about going to visit students at school (thankful for a great relationship with the schools) to go to sporting events, plays, etc. Also to be intentional with time we have. I've learned that students spell trust, T-I-M-E (Josh Shipp). 

If we have a heart for students to see the Lord and be on fire for Him we can't leave it at a message for youth group on Wednesday and leave it there. Even if it's a 5 minute conversation before church on Sunday, a simple, "Hello!" if you pass by outside of Rite Aid (oddly specific because that happened the other day). WHATEVER! When building relationships it is important to go to them and meet them where they are at just like Jesus does, because in our job our students are the most important. We should never be too busy for our students. I have had students tell me they love seeing me at their games, or anything else they do. This is not to brag (while encouraging) but this is a call to action, to never get lazy or comfortable because that's not our jobs. Our job is to be out there in the world bringing the Kingdom to the generation we are called to minister too!

I'm praying that the Lord will never let me be comfortable, to never get lazy, and to always be out there with my students because they value that! 

Available and Intentional


Austin Burke

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