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Yeah, I know that we, as youth leaders, parents, students, Christ-followers, strive to seek God’s face constantly.  That’s good.  Keep that up.  I just figured that in this first week of a new year, it might be good to push all of the “stuff” out of your head and just simply listen to God.

You’ve got youth meetings to plan. You have to figure out how to keep momentum in the youth group until the end of the school year.  OK, but just for a little while, don’t worry about that.  Seek God.

You’ve spent more than half your budget and you have more than half the year to go. You have to price out service projects for the summer, and then start to promote the projects.  Good stuff.  Take care of that later and just pray for a bit.

You’ve got students that get it and students that are drifting.  You need the skill set of a psychiatrist, sociologist, teacher, preacher, poet and possibly hip-hop artist. Yup.  You got all of that and more to deal with.  Stop now though, and try like crazy to hear God.

My prayer in this new year is that by the power of the Holy Spirit and in the name of Jesus Christ, you are blessed to walk a while with your God.

Happy New Year.


I know many believers and congregations that start each year with a fast.   It is amazing the difference this "discipline"  can make in "listening" to God and being sensitive to His leading throughout the year.   I would encourage anyone who might be sensing the LORD putting this on their heart or who desire a deeper relationship with Him to look into it further.  I will simply say after the LORD put fasting on my heart a few years ago, it has now become a lifestyle. 


Paul Boice on January 4, 2012

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Thanks.  I have a church planter friend who has brought fasting into his congregation and they have been blessed in so many ways.  I've never led a fasting exercise, but I've participated in some and always find a very defined focus on/with God as I experience the fasting.

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