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I know, I know. You are busy wrapping up this youth group season and there’s still plenty you have to get done. And yet it’s still an appropriate time to begin planning for your summer season. You may not have weekly meetings during the summer, but hopefully you are finding opportunities to keep the youth group community together.

I often suggest youth leader networks and if you are in one, this is a wonderful topic for the group. How are others planning for the summer and what activities are they organizing? Often the summer includes service trips or amusement park adventures. These are great ways to keep community in your youth group. In most cases, however, not every student can attend these kinds of events. So what are you doing for those who won’t go on serve and can’t make it to an all-day activity? You might want to consider some summer concerts. Again, you won’t get everyone attending, but you will get many to join you. You may want to meet students for coffee. This works well in reconnecting with a smaller number of students. If you can organize a time to worship together, you’ll also get some students to join that are busy on other nights of the week.

I realize you need to take some time in the summer to hang out with your family and refocus. That’s all good stuff. You also have a momentum right now with your youth group and I would suggest you don’t want to see that end over the summer.

What ideas do you have for keeping the youth ministry moving in the summer?


Just need to say....if you haven't started planning Summer by March you're already behind.... :>).....

Anyway, STMT (Short term mission trip) prep should be started before January, hopefully deciding by January or narrowed down to 1 or 2. SUmmer tends to be less busy, less responsibilities, but a time to try some new things and be creative. Usually we offer the option of Bible Studies throughout the Summer, but with a reduced schedule (instead of every week, rather every other OR instead of every other, once a month) so the leaders get a little break.

As far as activities we have a Frisbee Friday, which is every other Friday playing ultimate Frisbee (combining both Youth Group & Young Adults). Afterwards, we have a BBQ (Dogs & Burgers) which gives us some more focused fellowship time too. We do something after evening service. Last year it was Ultimate, maybe this year it might be something else. And you can't be on the island without having at least one Beach Party! We play by ear one or two night activities to do together, but that's usually difficult due to vacations and kids who have Summer jobs, so it needs to be a smaller event (maybe a night at drag racing, or a night doing miniiture golf).

And, can't complete a Summer without the kids volunteering some service at VBS. Everyone has fun with that. So although everything is a little more laid back for the leaders (who by the way need a vacation think?) LOL! Remember, Fun, Fellowship and Free-time!......Now, let's hope the sun comes out!

Planning ahead for your youth group is key. To keep them moving in the summer, you can look at time shares which can be less expensive than hotels when  you consider a kitchen for cooking meals and maybe a washer and dryer. There are plenty of activities to do outside and around the area.

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