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Every six weeks I go to my chiropractor for an adjustment. But it wasn’t that long ago that I never went and on one wonky Thursday evening, I made a ridiculous decision that messed up my core for an extended period of time.

It was then that I realized how important it is for my body to experience core correction and realignment. Not just to feel better but to also perform much more productively. After a lot of visits to fix the BIG problem, I could then get on to a regularly scheduled maintenance pattern that has since helped me tremendously.

I am more productive.

I sleep better.

My anxiety has dropped.

I wonder if youth ministry may follow a similar pattern. We keep going at high speed and then when the crash happens, we get laid up for a while and the journey back to good health seems to take forever.

If you are like me, you may find that youth ministry typically has seasons and often times we can find the patterns within it that create space for healthy maintenance. The trouble occurs when we avoid, or do not make time for, realignments.

Here are three things you can do when it comes to regular youth ministry maintenance: 

  1. Sabbath rest. Set aside time each week that is designated for a Sabbath rest. Use that time to enjoy a hobby that works another part of your brain. Take a long walk. Listen to nature. Play a game. Open the Bible and read it for joy and not work. Converse with your friend God for a while.
  2. Evaluate. Make time at least once a year to meet with your leadership team and assess the ministry. Listen to your team well and listen to your parents well. Make the necessary adjustments, if they are needed. Then, let the right people know (i.e. parents, etc) why and how the adjustments will affect them and their families.
  3. Be self-aware. Throughout the year, make sure that you are listening to the context around you. Be accountable for your actions. Be supportive of your team. Listen to your core and if something needs an adjustment within ourselves, be ready to make a change.

What about you? What have you found that is helpful when it comes to ministry maintenance?

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