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I’ve been asked to help with making a new pictorial directory for our church and am wondering if there is one you would recommend? Does the Planning Center have this capability?

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If you are looking for a stand alone online directory with a printable option you could look at I created it for churches but it has been used by other types of organizations as well. Is it the best? That depends on what you want out of such a service. Feel free to contact me if you have questions.


Yes it does, as of this summer.   It is in the "church center app" 

Peter DeVries

Bethel Church in Zeeland creates a picture directory every 5 years and I just use Publisher.  If you want me to send you our template, let me know.  [email protected]

The CRCNA Bridge App does so many community building things well.

This tool allows members to update, remove, or change their pictures. Minimal support is needed, and members keep it up to date!

Grant Cassidy has hit the nail on the head by mentioning The Bridge App. Many of our churches in Canada are already using The Bridge App. It is also now available to our churches in the US. Once information has been populated into the app, members can update it themselves. A geo-locate feature allows members to click on the address which then brings up a google map. Direct dialing, emailing and texting are also welcome features. To learn more about the app or to get your church started in using it contact us at [email protected]

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