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The church is committed to effectively communicate our mission, vision, and values in an effort to help people develop in their Christian life as a part of the church community. As church members we want to communicate in an efficient, cohesive, and consistent manner that honors Christ and His church.

Communication in the church requires stewardship of resources. You want to utilize communication avenues in a way that enhances the message and at the same time facilitates good use of time, energy, people, and materials.

Clear communication also includes the basic information of the church including logo, complete address, phone, and email and website addresses on each piece, especially on materials to be viewed by the public.

Thoughtfully prepare each piece and cover the necessary basics of who, what, where, when, why, and how. What response do you want? What media would be most effective? How can I focus my efforts? How can I stay on target?

Also, have a proofreader check accuracy of dates, days, times, names, punctuation, spelling, style, format, content and pictures. It is difficult to proofread an item after you have already worked on it for a large portion of time. Attractive material has impact. It sets moods, creates images, and builds expectations.

Step into the shoes of a guest or new member and consider if they would understand the piece and what their reaction would be to certain phrases or the appearance of the piece. Is the message clear and thoughtful of everyone?

As a good communicator, you want to be aware of anything that would create a red flag for you or someone else. Is there another way to phrase it? Are you excluding someone?

Finally, convey the message with the mind and heart of Christ.

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