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Is there a specific way I should be recording new baptisms and prof of faiths?

Is this just for our own records or do i need to submit them somewhere? 


Once a year the denomination sends out a questionaire\survey that your clerk of records typically fills out.  This would include things like births, baptisms, deaths, marriages, etc..  We record the information for our records and the denomination.  We also provide a Baptism certificate for the family.

The denomination used to have a form to track ALL changes to membership through out the year.  When they stopped providing this form we created an Excel spreadsheet with seperate tabs for each area needed for the yearly Year Book questionaire.  Our membership secretary then records births, adoptions, baptisms, dedications, professions of faith, new members, marriages, transfers out, lapses and deaths.  Births do not need to be submitted to the demonmination but it helps our pastor track who to contact regarding upcoming baptism Sundays.  We also note if a transfer out is to another CRC/RCA as this is a question on the Year Book questionaire.

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