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Each Halloween, Christians have a great opportunity to meet their neighbors and to let their lights shine (Matthew 5:16). Here are eight ways for you to seek to redeem Halloween in your community:   

Be present. Luke 19:1-10
Spend time outside. Talk to your neighbors. Ask them about their lives. Listen to their stories.

Be encouraging. Matthew 19:14-15
Greet people with “Happy Halloween.” Tell them how great they look in their costumes. Wish them a safe and wonderful evening.

Be inclusive.  Matthew 11:28
Offer things like stickers, glow sticks, bouncy balls, bubbles, or bookmarks to those with allergies. Place a teal pumpkin in front of your house to let people know that you offer non-food treats for kids with food allergies.

Take the posture of a servant. Philippians 2:1-11
Try not to notice that people are trampling your hostas. Plan on picking up the litter left on your street the next day. Focus on showing people the kind of hospitality and welcome that are all too rare these days.

Show hospitality to all ages. Luke 14:7-14
Serve pumpkin muffins and hot cider for adults. Talk to them. Tell them what great manners their kids have.

Give out the best candy you can afford. John 2:1-12
You don’t have to be that house that gives out full-sized candy bars (although if you can afford it—awesome!), but don’t skimp. Be generous. Make sure you have enough treats to last the whole night.

Welcome those you don’t want to welcome. Luke 6:27-36
Make a special effort to be warm and gracious to “those” kids—the kids who don’t say a word to you or look you in the eye but just stick out their bag; the kids who carry two bags, one for their “sister who is sick at home”; the teenagers who are “way too big” to be trick or treating or aren’t wearing a costume. This includes the adults talking on their cell phones. Keep the door open later than you want to and be a neighbor, especially when it’s difficult.

Party like it’s 1999. John 12:1-8
Eat dinner with your neighbors. Talk. Laugh. Walk around. Joy is contagious.  


Hi Shannon! Thank you so much for sharing this. I completely agree that Halloween, though a secular holiday, is a GREAT opportunity to engage with our neighbors and share the love of Jesus (and have fun =)). Loved the practical ideas. Thanks again! 

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