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In an interview concerning his latest book, Answering Jihad, Nabeel Qureshi (a convert to Christianity), details the change of his own thinking from being convinced that his religion was a religion of peace, to thinking otherwise. The interview is here

In an earlier video series at Biola University, Qureshi stated the same in a much more lengthy video. It is here

Other former Muslims on the same subject:

Mark Gabriel was a professor at al-Azhar University, which is the oldest Sunni-Islamic university in the world. As he taught and examined historical documents such as the Life of Muhammad by Ibn Ishaq he observed a great deal of violence committed by the founder of his religion. Having memorized the Quran and being fluent in Arabic he could read material in its original language and started to ask some hard questions. These hard questions landed him in jail and through a series of divine providences, which he recounts in his book Jesus and Muhammad, he began to examine the person of Jesus as compared and contrasted with Muhammad. The more he read the more attracted he became to the person of Jesus and eventually became a Christian.

Two young men went to a seminar in Amman, Jordan and there they recounted to the seminar leader that their mother thanked God every day for the takeover of Mosul by ISIS. When asked to clarify her sentiment, they responded that when they saw a 'reformation' within Islam that led to the barbarity of ISIS, they started asking hard questions, and through a series of divine encounters, were led to Christianity. 

The stories can be multiplied ... 

And now how should Christians respond?

  • with the belief that these former Muslims have it all wrong?
  • with a triumphalistic attitude?
  • with compassion for those who are trapped in a religion which threatens even more violence against those who would consider leaving?

What do you think?

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