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….in Christianity Jesus came to save us … in Islam, one must save the reputation of Muhammad and Allah...

Nonie Darwish, a former Muslim, discusses her newly released book “Wholly Different: Why I Chose Biblical Values Over Islamic Values” here.

Darwish, an American-Egyptian, describes her former life, the place of women within Islam, her 17-year-long conversion, and the culture of jihad even as it affected her father who sacrificed his own life for this cause. She is careful to separate the ideology of Islam and Christianity and their respective standards. For instance, she states:

In Islam, “they are all sinners” and in Christianity, “we are all sinners,”

In Islam “concealment of sin” and in Christianity, “confession of sin,”

In Islam “control others” and in Christianity, “control yourself,”

In Islam “die for the cause” and in Christianity, “Jesus died for the cause,”

In Islam “rely on the caliphate” and in Christianity, “take responsibility,”

In Islam “replace all others” and in Christianity, “live and let live,”

In Islam, “Allah, jihad, jihad” and in Christianity, “God, family, country.”          

One can listen to a radio interview with Nonie Darwish and Al Krista of ETWN radio here where she discusses her book and speaks about the foundations of Islam and why she thinks reform of Islam is virtually impossible. She also relates the role of defending Islam by Muslims at all costs, the ultimate goal of Islam, the role of marriage, and how armed jihad is said to absolve all sins. Near to the end of the interview, she discusses a chapter from her book, which compares and contrasts mental health in Islam and in Christianity.

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