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In his challenging article "Why Expository Preaching is the Power for Pastoral Ministry" Michael Milton demonstrates from the Scripture eight benefits of constant, consistent and careful opening of God's Word in front of Him and His people — and even in front of those who are not yet part of His people. In his words, "Only a preaching method, a preaching approach, that is radically Word-centered, Christ-centered, Gospel-saturated, and uncompromisingly faith to the text will give you joy."

Milton highlights the efficacy of the Word of God with these words:

This Word worked in the fallen ruins of Eden when God promised a Savior in Genesis 3.15. The Word worked in Genesis 12 when God's Word provided promises to Abraham for a land, a nation, and a blessing that would reach around the world. God's Word was enough in 586 BC in the crumbled remains of Jerusalem when a weeping prophet named Jeremiah preached through tears. God's Word worked in first century Rome when Paul preached it. It worked in the 18th century in America when George Whitefield roared out its truths up and down the colonial coast. It worked in the 19th century in Korea when missionaries preached there, and it worked in industrial Dundee, Scotland, when Robert Murray M'Cheyne preached there. It worked in the 20th century, the bloodiest century in the world's history, when modernity overtook the West and men such as Martyn Lloyd-Jones thundered from a world capital such as London. And it will work in the 21st century, in postmodern and post-Christian North America, as it will work in China, Africa, India, and in Bulgaria. The Word will work in Chattanooga, will free slaves to sin in Miami, give abundant life in Los Angeles, renew cold-hearted saints in Des Moines, restore marriages in Peoria, reunite severed relationships in Louisville, sprinkle the spirit of holiness in New Orleans, call new missionaries out of Kansas City, and save souls from eternal damnation in Bangor, Seattle and Paducah. 

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