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What is it?

Kenosis Community Groups are gathering spaces facilitated by white people for white people so that concepts and topics related to race and racism in Canada can be explored in an environment that promotes freedom to explore without fear of offense.

These discipleship groups are designed to allow people to journey together as a learning community to safely explore and unpack the effects and impacts that unearned privilege has on them and others in Canadian society, so that we may better follow Jesus and love our neighbors together.

What is Kenosis?

The Greek term is used to refer to the emptying of one’s own will for the purpose of being filled by God’s divine will. Jesus emptied himself of his high status as part of the Trinity in order to become human, die on a cross, raise from the dead, and reconcile us to Himself (Philippians 2). He did not “consider equality with God something to be grasped” but walked among us, frequently associating himself with those that society saw as lesser—but that He called friends and children of God. In our relationships with each other, we are called to have the same humility that was in Christ Jesus (Philippians 2:1).

Our Vision

To create spaces for white persons to explore their racial and cultural identity and the impact that identity has had on others in a way that is transformative and healing.

Kenosis Community Group participant Dean Bonsma:

“I was feeling hopeless, trying to find a solution but the problem felt too big. Kenosis struck me as a helpful way to start discussing this; I was surprised at how much I didn’t know. It's like when I didn’t have glasses and didn’t realize I needed them. Then, the first day you wear glasses, you see with clear vision.”

Read more:

Understanding White Identity in Christian Community (The Banner, January 2019)

How long does it take?

Kenosis Community Groups generally meet once a month for six months, but this timeline can vary from group to group.

How can I join a Kenosis Community Group?

Contact Bernadette Arthur, Race Relations Canada Advocate, at [email protected].

Let's Discuss

We love your comments! Thank you for helping us uphold the Community Guidelines to make this an encouraging and respectful community for everyone.

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