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This Earth Day, we invite you to join us in prayer as we honor and remember the gift of our Creator's blessing. Indeed, the earth is the Lord's and the fullness thereof, and as such, we will continue to live into our moral call and obligation to care for creation.


Praise the Lord, oh my soul.
All directions proclaim you,
from the heavens above to the earth below.
You know how we were formed.
Remember we are dust.
Only you see our lives
as passing as blowing grass
and impermanent as wilting flowers.
Only you grow, only you cut

You stretch out in the heavens, lay down in the waters, sit amongst the clouds, and ride on the wings of the wind. Thank you for a creation that sustains us with breath and bread in order that we may turn in awe. Thank you for the artists and makers, storytellers and memorializers who move our hearts to worship.
May the bounty of your provision from the earth lift our eyes above what clouds our view of you. May our eyes see creation in all its splendor. Let us look upon the waters as blankets you’ve knitted, the trees as furnishings you carved out of mountains. Let the flying, grazing, and burrowing creatures tell the tales of your provision. Cut away fear that steals away our assurance in you. Grow thankful hearts that declare your glory in creation and renew the face of the ground.

Thank you for teaching us about your world, for naming creation and our place within it. Thank you for teachers and speakers, writers and words that teach your justice to all generations. Thank you for ancestors who’ve spoken of creation care since the dawn of time and youth who now stand on their shoulders to implore us once again.
Continue giving words to the generations that would encourage us to turn from sin towards a culture of care that pleases you. Cut away strife, hatred, and confusion that keeps us in sinful patterns. Grow teachers, elders, and guides to instruct us in your way forward.

Thank you for the sun and its light in the darkness. Your waters from the mountains bring forth food from the earth and resources make our faces shine. You set boundaries for waters, shade forests, and open your hand to give us what we need at the proper time. May we consider your creation in every action. Create in us new ways to eliminate our use of resources that cause harm. Sustain our hearts as we cultivate your resources so that we may take only what we need, according to your Word. Cut away all greed, sloth, and ingratitude. Grow contentment and a love for your ancient simplicity in our hearts.

Thank you for the gift of labor and toil for your creation. The thinkers, debaters, innovators, and decision makers you appoint to shepherd your flock. Thank you for local community leaders working for the good of their communities and average citizens working for their neighbors. Thank you for global efforts to collaborate for creation and consider those most in need. May our meditations please you. Let the land be satisfied by the fruit of your work through us. Give us words and actions that prune our systems to bear fruit. Cut away all protectionism, distortions, and vanity. Grow your wisdom in our hearts and our communities. 

Praise the Lord, oh my soul,
and forget not all his benefits.
You redeem our lives from the pit,
you crown us with love and compassion.
You satisfy our desires with good things
so that our youth is renewed.
Your slow anger does not treat us as our sins deserve.
The Lord’s works are always righteous,
justice for all the oppressed is yours.
Praise the Lord, all his works everywhere.
Praise the Lord, my soul.


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