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The Canadian Foodgrains Bank recently produced a short (23-minute) documentary, Common Strength, that shows the story of two farmers, one from Manitoba and one from Kenya, exploring their work together. The two women share about what they've learned and World Renew believes your congregation will be inspired by their story!

Journey with Colleen Dyck, a Canadian farmer from Manitoba, as she travels to Western Kenya to learn from Lucy Anyango, a fellow farmer. As these women share wonderfully documented moments about agricultural practices among small-scale farmers, you'll feel like you're almost there with them! This video can help bring the work of World Renew and Canadian Foodgrains Bank to life for your community.

How to get started 

We want to encourage you to set a time for a congregational Watch Party, and World Renew will help host it if you’d like. Complement your Watch Party with one of two Viewing Guides for Students (Grades 6-12) and Adults.

  • Step 1: Determine who your audience will be. Is there a special interest group that is already passionate about this topic? Are you eager to get the youth group involved? Think about who you want to have present.
  • Step 2: Decide on a date and time, with your audience in mind.
  • Step 3: We recommend using Zoom or Google Hangouts as a platform to host your Watch Party. If you’re already proficient in setting up these kinds of sessions, you’re all set! If you would like support on this, please email us and we’ll be happy to assist you.
  • Step 4: Would you like to invite World Renew to help host this event? We’d love to participate and even share some additional expertise directly from the field in Kenya! Otherwise, determine who your host will be.
  • Step 5: Send invitations via email, or whatever way makes the most sense for your target audience.  For a wider audience, make use of church social media accounts and bulletin announcements.
  • Step 6: Send a reminder communication the day of your event and encourage your group to prepare their favourite “movie” snacks. You might even consider sending around microwave popcorn packets and hot chocolate in order to boost excitement! You could also distribute copies of the Viewing Guide.
  • Step 7: It’s time for the event! Here’s our suggested agenda for the evening which would take about one hour. Note: If you have more than 10 people, we’d suggest using breakout rooms for discussions, if possible.
    • 5-10 minutes: Ice-breaker question to get everyone comfortable and allow latecomers to arrive. (Share something about you!)
    • 25 minutes: Show the documentary via YouTube or using the download option. (Word to the wise: don’t forget to click “share sound” as you present your screen!)
    • 15 minutes: Go through the Discussion Questions in the Viewing Guide.
    • 10 minutes: Go through the Scripture Reflection in the Viewing Guide, and remind folks about Canadian Foodgrains Bank Sunday! Pray the prayer in the Viewing Guide (or make up your own), then thank everyone for their participation.
  • Step 8: Consider, as a group, whether you’d like to take some next steps, such as sharing about Canadian Foodgrains Bank more widely or participating in the Harvest of Letters.
  • Bonus Step: Let us know how it went! We’d love to hear your feedback and suggestions for next time.

Learn more about World Renew’s partnership with Canadian Foodgrains Bank to help end global hunger. Host a Canadian Foodgrains Bank Sunday in your church with the 2021 resources.

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Hi Hilda! The recommended date for Canadian Foodgrains Bank Sunday this year is March 7. I would recommend holding the "Common Strength" Watch Party anytime in the two weeks preceding the offering date, to help engage church members in the offering. We appreciate your interest in connecting your church with these resources!

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