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This article in a part of our Disability Concerns Canada Summer 2022 newsletter. You can find the rest here: DC Canada Summer 2022 Newsletter. Our theme this season is coming together.

While many people are familiar with the terms racism or sexism, a great deal fewer are familiar with the term “ableism”. As a ministry, we are working to educate our community about what the term ableism means and how it is present within our churches and communities. By identifying ableism we can then work collectively to eradicate it.

In an effort to provide an overview of what ableism is, we have reviewed a wide variety of resources and developed some key points to help you understand what ableism is. 

Ableism is:

  • Attitudes, actions, and/or circumstances that devalue people because they have a disability or are perceived as having a disability.

  • Intentional or unintentional discrimination or oppression of disabled individuals.

  • Anything that positions a person without a disability over a person with a disability, solely based on disability or differences in ability.

  • Attitudes, actions, or systems that consider a person with a disability as inferior.

The first steps we are taking to expand the conversation on ableism is to focus our annual training on the conversation. Join us (virtually) August 11 & 12, 11 a.m.–2 p.m. EDT for the event: Let’s end #AbleismAtChurch. We will explore what ableism is and consider ways we can reduce the impact of ableism in churches. There is no charge for this event, which is open to everyone, but registration is required. 

On day 1 we will focus on the conversation: What is ableism? 

Our keynote speakers will be Jasmine Duckworth & Chantal Huinink and we will have a panel discussion following their presentation.

On day 2 we will focus on the conversation: How can churches overcome ableism?

Our keynote speakers will be Lynn Swedberg & Melinda Baber and as with day 1, we will have a panel discussion following their presentation.

To learn more about the event and to register for the event, please visit:

We hope you can join us for this event!

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