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We work over breaks and take a break over meetings!  Kind of a crazy way to describe staff activity at synod.

During meal times and break times, we have several conversations....each one conducted fast and with few words, but commitments are made while drinking the last sips of coffee or chewing a delicious cinammon roll.  Then when the delegates go into plenary session, we take a break. 

I should have my calendar handy over breaks and meals because I am offering to conduct training without the assurance that a particular weekend is even available.  But it is heartening to have requests made.  Whether the interest is piqued because of all the surrounding conversations about education and training or because of the stories and heartache that are shared, people want to learn more. 

I share this because it is important to many people whose stories remain tightly held within them that the church is actively seeking ways and opportunities to learn more about preventing abuse and responding to abuse.....responding to your abuse. 

My idea for next year's synod: invite the members of Safe Church Teams to synod.  Not just chairpersons and advocates, but any Safe Church Team members.  You should hear the should see the should witness the impromptu prayers lifting up teams, and victims, and offenders, families, and churches.

From the sparrow's nest, I can see a great multitude gathering at synod next year.  Won't you please join me?  Won't you please work with me to make that happen? 

Lunch time - time to go back to work.


I like that idea! What a potential for hearing and being heard, for listening and talking, for education and prayer.

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