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A prayer for those working in healthcare during the COVID-19 crisis

Compassionate God,
from the shores of the river Jordan to the steps of the Temple Mount,
you have cared for the well-being of your people.
Your healing teaches us your compassion for our frailty.
Thank you for caring for us no matter our status in this world.
We ask your blessing on those who emulate you
as they provide the ministry of healing to all those in need.
Guide, bless and encourage your faithful health care servants
who willingly jeopardize their own, and their families’, health and safety
to confront sickness and disease.
Enable them to relieve suffering and assist in the healing process.
Lord, you loved us enough to walk in our midst
on a disease-filled earth.
Even now, abide in with us
and surround all engaged in the healing sciences and arts.
Bless them as they labor for you
in stressful, anxious and sometimes threatening settings.
Keep them close in your loving embrace.
Guide researchers as they seek greater understanding of your universe
and develop vaccines and treatments that will reduce suffering and death.
Enable suppliers who ensure materials and equipment are available as needed
using creativity as they sometimes seek to do more with less.
Encourage the families of health care workers
as they support them in their call, knowing that through their loved ones,
lives are saved and your tenderness is known.
Provide your health care servants rest
during wearisome hours of constant demand.
Dispense comfort in moments of loss or setback.
Grant peace that goes beyond human understanding.
In our present surroundings that tempt us to despair,
may we all come together as part of your global community
and embrace the love of Christ for all precious souls.
Help us overcome our fears
and unite across all borders of every type
to share, manufacture, support and supply
knowledge, equipment and resources.
Your kingdom is a place of plenty. 
Let us live in your abundance knowing you provide enough for all.
In your mercy, Lord, grant health.
Bless those you have called to be your hands and feet in healing and the provision of care.
May they always know how thankful we are for their gifts, service and sacrifice.
Hear our prayer, O Lord. Amen.
— Lyman Smith, CAPT, CHC, USN, Retired Director of Presbyterian Federal Chaplaincies

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