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I have a Greek/English Interlinear Testament. This is not to say I know Greek — I don't. In fact that's largely the purpose of this post. Reading through Chapter three of 1 Timothy, I encountered verse 11. Under the Greek word appears the word "women" followed by the word "deaconesses" in straight brackets. Is this an accurate interpretation of this Greek word? Is this concluded by the translators because of the nature of the rest of the section?



Although I don't consider myself a Greek Geek as Professor Weima would say I do know enough Greek to give you at least part of an answer.  The word that you are referring to is γυνή.  It means woman or wife.  Deaconess is a stretch and I'm not sure why the translators chose that word other than, like you said, the word fits with the rest of the section.

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