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I heard two stories recently about how daughters have been encouraged by their mothers in many ways and why they see them as role models. We appreciate the significant life changing experiences in mother and daughter relationships as God shapes us for leadership. We share these stories with you and hope you will reflect on your own story of role models and legacy. 

The first story is about Sini den Otter, who is a retired CRC chaplain. I met Sini and her daughter Anne at a recent gathering called Witness for Women in Edmonton, AB. Anne shares the role her mother played in influencing her journey.  

My mom was a tremendous encouragement for me as I was going to seminary and then starting a ministry role in a church plant at mosaicHouse Church in Edmonton, AB. She was a good role model for me since she was in ministry and was a trailblazer in paving the way. She faced much opposition, but I didn't. 

She also quietly persevered because she was sure that God was calling her to be a chaplain, and I learned from her to persevere as well even when things didn't seem clear at first as to where God was leading me. She was the one who encouraged me to begin my journey to ordination and to go through the examination with Classis.

The second story is about Linda Reinstra, who was a first time delegate at synod this year. We were having a conversation and she shared a message posted on Facebook earlier by her daughter, Mary Ransome. Here's the message posted on Facebook.   

I grew up in a church and denomination that frowned upon women in any sort of leadership role (outside of choir or kids). I watched my mom operate within the bounds she had been given. She never complained but consistently spoke up for the role women should have in the church. More than that, she supported her friends and celebrated as they were some of the first to become female pastors.  

Today she goes to participate in synod, which is a gathering of the leaders of the denomination. She’ll even be leading worship.  

I’m grateful for a mom who honors the leadership over her, but always presses in for more of the fullness of the kingdom of God here on earth and within the church. What an awesome legacy she’s given me to share with my daughters.



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