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Linda Foster just won a fancy-schmancy Network mug!

Yesterday evening, she posted her very first comment on the Network. And it just happened to be our 1,000th — so she wins!

And we honestly couldn't imagine a more worthy recipient. Take a second to:

 visit Linda's profile 

...and then scroll to the bottom of her profile to post a quick "congratulations" on her wall.

Linda: Congratulations also on recently becoming a member at your church! We're thankful for you and people like you who are helping to make The Network a great place to connect with each other and compare notes about ministry.

And now a message to the other 429 members of Linda's church:

Hey, what's up with only having Linda and Pam on The Network? C'mon, don't leave them hanging out there by themselves. It's time to rally the troops and get more of your people on The Network. Crossroads CRC in San Marcos, CA did it — they jumped from 1 to 25 Network participants in just a couple of weeks (see the news story or read the details of how it all went down).

Tell you what ... if your member listing beats their member listing, we'll send your church a super-awesome Network mug.

Linda will have her own and the rest of you will need to share, but that's OK because you'll take over bragging rights from Crossroads CRC (who, frankly, are probably feeling a little full of themselves after having the lead for so long). And you'll be only the second church in the denomination to have one of these prized mugs in your possession.

Are you up to the challenge, Christian Reformed Church of St. Joseph, MI? Can you beat Crossroads CRC? Game on!


Game on! Good luck CRC of St Jo - you're a lot bigger than we are at Crossroads, which should make it easy to meet Tim's challenge.

Congratulations, Linda.

Rebecca--how shall we continue the challenge? Those mugs do look nice on the mug rack at church.

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