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That quiz is way too hard and time-consuming for a person of limited zeal as myself, but as a regular user of the Network I still want one of those mugs. Bill me.


I'm devastated. I can no longer self-differentiate or act as a non-anxious presence because of this. You don't think I've earned it? Slaving away in the trenches of reading boring commentaries and visiting dysfunctional families and going to endless committee meetings? Have you ever been to a classis meeting? Let me tell you, I've earned it ten times over (background music: Battle Hymn of the Republic, to reinforce the heroic-martyr image).

Fine. I'll find someone in Jerusalem to acquire one secretly and surreptitiously from the hidden bunker at 2850. :p

Tim Postuma on February 8, 2011

In reply to by anonymous_stub (not verified)

Well, that's such a good response that I'm almost tempted to send you a free mug. ALMOST.

Tell you what, Randy. Two options for getting your very own mug:

  1. Ask someone in your church to do the quiz and steal their answers (call it a "group project"...that sounds better).
  2. Get Neerlandia CRC members to sign up for The Network. If you can increase Neerlandia CRC's member count from 2 (seriously?) to 10 in the next couple of weeks...a mug is yours. You'll look so cool sporting that mug during after-church coffee. Though you may need to take turns with the others who help you win it.

There you go...two options for getting a free Network mug without having to cause someone else to steal for you.

Last time we did something like this, Crossroads CRC got up to 26 members. And they barely get even get the internet where they are.

Is Neerlandia CRC up to the challenge? I guess we'll find out....

Hmmm...option one is unethical, sneaky, deceptive, dishonest, fattening, politically incorrect and probably contrary to church order, so I'm really tempted to go with that one.

Number two is a better idea. I know we have a few more Network members than two here in Neerlandia (where we also barely have internet (we connect by smoke signals to our ISP, so wherever Crossroads is, we have it worse than they do). The temperature is currently -30, and the official boundary line of human civilization is one mile south of where we live. A trip to the city (Edmonton) is a good hundred miles on the way there, and a hundred and fifty on the way back, uphill on ice roads both ways, with moose hyped up on meth constantly running crossing the road tyring to commit suicide by minivan. We take our lives in our hands every time we need to go to Starbucks or Eddie Bauer. And we never complain about it because our grandparents who went through the war had it a thousand times worse, because they had to go church about fifteen times on the days surrounding Christmas, which is the real reason the Germans left Holland.

I know of at least two other Neerlandians who are on the Network (ecclesiastical spies, actually), who probably haven't completed their profiles (bad weather has been interfering with the high speed smoke signal connection and also with the sled dog mail service). I would expect that number to rise!

Glory, glory Hallelujah!....

So far, only 12 people have entered The Network Quiz. We didn't  make it too hard did we? We are hoping for some more entries so come on everybody (you too Randy) enter now.  Do you need a reason to enter?  I'll give you 3.

  1. You'll learn about The Network
  2. You be entered to win a limited edition Network mug
  3. You don't have to compete against them:

Jeopardy contestants Ken Jennings, Brad Rutter, and Watson

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