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Since we invited members to post their own content it’s been great to see all the new blogs, articles and resources getting added on The Network each day. I suspect some of you may be holding back because you’ve got questions like:

What’s the difference between a Blog and an Article?

How can I tell if what I wrote is a Discussion Topic or a Blog?

When’s a question a “Q&A” and when should I post it as a “Discussion Topic” ?

We’ve got your answers! Read on.

Blog or Article?
A blog is generally an opinion and/or observation intended to initiate some discussion around a particular topic. An article (which is a sub-type of ‘Resource’) contains information which may be how-to tips or best practices, research results, guidelines and the like. Articles are useful for the information they contain and retain their usefulness into the future. Blogs are much more likely to be conversation starters within a more limited time frame.

Discussion Topic or Blog?
The amount of text is one of the deciding factors in determining if your post is a “Discussion Topic” or a “Blog”. If you need more text to introduce your topic (250-600 words) it could be a blog. The second factor in making the determination is the focus. If you’ve included a lot of your own perspective on the topic, it’s probably a blog. Whereas a discussion topic may include less of your own perspective.

Q&A or Discussion Topic?
Is your question very specific or is it open ended? If it’s quite specific, then post it as a  “Q&A.” If you’re asking an open-ended question to seek the opinions of others, post it as a “Discussion Topic”.

What other questions do you have about sharing your post(s) on the Network? Go ahead and add them in the comment section below and one of our team members will respond. Could be that others are wondering the same things!

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