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At a recent Bible Study, we were discussing what it means that Christ 'set me free from the tyranny of the devil' (Heidelberg Catechism Q/A #1). The discussion turned to the relentless pursuit of knowledge that many students face. For those who profess a naturalistic worldview, we can never stop learning because we can never fully explain the world. No individual scholar can exhaust his/her discipline. The pursuit of knowledge can become a tyranny.

In Christ, however, we find the freedom of mystery, the freedom to not know. We worship and serve a God who is Incomprehensible and Indescribable. We can plumb the depths of the earth and still fail to explain all the processes of Creation. In Christ, we are free to not know and not explain every last detail of the world. With joy, we continue to explore and delve into the riches of academic study in the pursuit of better understanding God and His world, but ultimately we are free to confess that we cannot explain everything. Instead of the pursuit of knowledge becoming a tyranny, we are left with a joyous freedom that drives us to study all the more.

Any thoughts?

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