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Stanley Hauerwas has written an excellent article on being a Christian student at university. His article, "Go with God" is available here and is an excellent read for any current university student, or for seniors in high school getting ready for higher education. It is also an excellent resource for parents, churches or school who are seeking to support and encourage students. If you want to put all you can into your college education, get everything you can out of it all the while nurturing and deepening your faith, then this is an essential article to read. Hauerwas paints a broad picture of the implications and responsibilities of being a Christian student, highlights some of the pitfalls and navigates well between the rocks of fear, triumphalism, piety and capitulation. 


Hi Ken,

I'm still thinking about all the implications of the quote from Wilken's that begin's Hauerwas' article. I do think it is a good quote to start with, given where Hauerwas goes in his instructions and encouragement to college students. As you both you and Hauerwas note, there is a need for honest Christian mentors, older Christians who are willing to spend time with college students to encourage them and help them navigate the challenges they face. I know as I do this with students I am around my own faith is deepened and renewed, so it is certainly a two-way street. Thanks for you interest in campus ministry - all of us who work in academic communities covet your prayers.

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