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In the December 2016 edition of Themelios, Fred Farrokh reflects on the Islamic theological reasons 'Why Muslims are Not Moving Toward Christians.'

To do this he carefully examines the wording of the 2007 document "A Common Word In Between Us" and suggests that well-meaning Christians were co-opted by its authors to make conciliatory moves towards Muslims, while the reverse was anything but true. Secondly, he examines the 2016 document called the "The Marrakesh Declaration on the Rights of Religious Minorities in Predominantly Muslim Countries." Like the Common Word document, it fails to recognize the right and duty of Christians to worship the Triune God.

Farrokh ends his article with a strong affirmation of how the Triune God is drawing Muslims to Himself, and his conclusion reads as such:

The current debate over the SGQ has precipitated a crisis for Christians. Muslims themselves do not seem embroiled in a parallel season of anguish and hand-wringing regarding the SGQ. Since Islam is a strictly Unitarian faith which denies both the Trinity and the divinity of Jesus, any affirmative response by Evangelicals to the Same God Question can only hasten our rapid decline into a mainline manifestation of “Evangeliberalism,” and the ultimate extinguishing of our missional candle.

The cost of moving away from biblical Trinitarianism is the loss of fellowship with the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. This loss renders Christians unable to help Muslims toward salvation in Christ, regardless of the status of inter-communal relations. Christians can encourage the ongoing process of Muslims coming to Christ by minding well the guiding light of biblical orthodoxy.

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