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What do you see when you read your Bible? In particular, the mental pictures. When you read of David tending his father’s flock do you feel the breezes and the sheep’s woolly fleece? Do you imagine others in a story - bystanders and onlookers?

My retelling of Bible stories helps readers of all ages put themselves in the time and place of the events. One way I do this is to find a child. It can be the child of the biblical story, for example the boy who gave his lunch to Jesus to feed 5000. Or I insert a child where there may have been one. Such as the two brothers who walked by Ezekiel every day as he lay on his side with a clay depiction of Jerusalem before him. Or Sophie, who drew pictures as the apostle John told her of his visions.

After writing many stories like these I moved onto an older generation, giving a dilemma to an aging, first century, follower of Jesus.

Our one-man publishing business (read, patient spouse) has produced an anthology of these stories as well as puppet scripts, poems and a picture story. Our prayer is that “Wells for Shepherds” will be read by young and old together, that there will be discussion and wondering prompted by the Holy Spirit.

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Wells for Shepherds.  An anthology of reimagined and retold Bible stories and truths


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