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Sometimes leaders may need to explore new ways to adapt. In fact, Coffee Break Founder Neva Evenhouse found herself in a similar position. Before Coffee Break became what it is now, there was a new church in South Holland. They wanted to reach out to their neighbors with the desire to bring others to Jesus. However, when it came time for the first meeting, no one came.

“We had started a prayer group and from there we started calling people who were moving into the area,” said Neva.

South Holland in the 1970’s was not the populated suburb it is today. Rather, the town was just beginning to see a growth in families and others as they moved in near Chicago. A list of new neighbors was brought to Neva, who then called these people as they came inviting them to join a Bible study. When no one came to the first meeting, Neva applied a different approach.

“I then started meeting with women one on one,” said Neva, “at that same time another group had started: Story Hour.”

Neva and others in the church began praying about starting a Bible study group with the women from Story hour, as well as the women she had begun meeting one on one. Fifteen people attended. Six groups formed. More women became leaders.

“I first used a series ... but that was not suited for the Group,” said Neva about finding study materials, “I then wrote my own questions.”

The questions Evenhouse had come up were based on what her group needed. Women asked about what she was using. The sharing of her questions and comments of the first group became the basis for the Discover Your Bible study series, used by Coffee Break groups.

How did Neva respond to disappointing results? What changes did they make?

Where is your group experiencing disappointing results? What might you try?

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