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This post is part of the Faith Storytelling Toolkit, a collection of resources for sharing faith stories in worship, in church education, in small groups and youth groups, at home, and more.

When we share our stories, we experience the blessing of telling and hearing about God’s faithfulness in our everyday lives. Here's one idea for becoming a story-telling church. 

Identify one faith story question each month. Examples: “Describe a time when you felt that God was very close to you” or “Tell about a turning point in your life and how God was involved in that.” (For more ideas, see our list of faith story questions).

Pose the question in a variety of ways so that all members of your congregation can participate: 

  • In the church bulletin
  • On your website or Facebook page
  • In your church’s announcements before or after worship
  • On a poster in a visible (but not distracting) spot in your sanctuary
  • In person: Ask leaders of Sunday school, Cadets/GEMS, youth group, small groups, Coffee Break groups, and other gatherings to talk about the Question of the Month with their respective groups.

Plan ways to share people’s answers to the Question of the Month with the rest of the congregation. Here are some ideas:

  • Facebook page dedicated to sharing stories (always remember to obtain the person’s permission before posting their story publicly)
  • Church newsletter articles
  • Story-sharing (testimony) time during worship
  • A special story-sharing worship service (a great idea for an evening or summer service)


If you’re part of the Christian Reformed Church in North America and you have questions about how to become a story-telling church or about faith formation in your context, one of Faith Formation Ministries’ Regional Catalyzers would love to talk with you about ideas and strategies.

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