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I am looking to pick up a wireless head set mic.  What does your church use?  Any you would recommend?


We have been using the Countryman Isomax  E6 with great success.  It is mated with a Sony WRT822 transmitter.  However, because of the recent FCC ruling dis-allowing the use of the 700MHz band, we are replacing our wireless mics.  We can still use the same headset microphone because various adapter cables are avilable.

A less expensive alternative to the E6 (which is my first choice by far) is from Cheesey name I know but I have used their mics and have found that for $100 they sound very close to the E6. They are not as robust and don't have a replaceable cable but if you treat them with a little respect they hold up just fine.  That being said, I still prefer the Countryman or if you can afford it the DPA brand. Any of these mics can be terminated with a connector to fit whatever transmitter/receiver set you have.

We use a couple of types of headsets. We do have one E6 that we like quite a bit but they are pricey. On Sundays, I use a headset mic purchased from Jireh Supplies called the Provider Series PSM1  . They aren't quite quite as expensive as the E6 and they do have replacement cables. We've had ours for about three years now and have had to replace the cable just once. Otherwise it's held together quite well and provided a pretty decent sound for the price.

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