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Bellevue CRC Worship Vision statement: Worship at BCRC, through the power of the Spirit, is biblical, participatory and missional.


This vision has theological and practical implications. Hearing the good news about Jesus proclaimed is the highlight of Sunday worship. In worship we recollect the gospel. In this covenant renewal ceremony, we are shaped by biblical practices. We worship the Lord and glorify him! Our worship centers on the sermon, building to a climax with the Word of God. We also “preach” the gospel in song, prayers, readings and visuals. Every element of worship points to the good news of Jesus preached. We affirm the infallibility of the scriptures and look to the creeds and confessions of the Reformed tradition as guides to help us rightly interpret scripture. We remember our fallenness and also that we are God’s forgiven, chosen, and empowered people. Although not bound by the liturgical seasons, we cherish them. They serve as a connection point to the history and worldwide diversity of the Christian church.


We long for the day when every tongue will confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father. We want every person in our congregation to engage in worship — not simply experience it. Worship leaders do not perform, but offer God the best of what He has given to us. Worship services provide a beautiful outlet for followers of Jesus to use their spiritual and practical gifts to share the Good News. We seek to bring to worship the full creative force of the talented musicians, vocalists, writers, craftsmen, artists, and actors in our midst. We affirm the arts and their ability to bring God’s Word to life. We remain open to artistic forms that explore and explain the Word of God and fit well into the context of worship. We deeply value multiple generations engaging in worship. We plan services to bring all generations closer to the Lord. In worship, we welcome regular, contextually appropriate participation from all ages, including readings, voice or instrumental music leadership, lighting candles, providing artwork and much more.


Those who come into our church seeking the Lord will find an engaging, hospitable, and authentic time of worship. Our worship also pushes us out into the world to fulfill the mission of reconciliation God is using us to accomplish, bringing the Good News to all. It feeds us with the bread of life, so that we can live as credible witnesses to the resurrection of Jesus. Worship inspires us to local and global outreach, speaking to the real issues of our culture. We remember the powerful role that Sunday morning worship plays in our ability to be the heart and hands of Jesus.

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