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On a shady quiet street in small town Iowa stand side-by-side houses, each with 4 at-home kids, who could play only with each other through this long pandemic. The younger kids played house, hopscotch, and made-up pretend games. The teen boys tossed footballs, filmed videos, and shot endless hoops.

Then late last week one of the teen boys suddenly collapsed with unforeseen critical heart issues and was quickly transferred, along with his parents, to an ICU in a specialty hospital hours away. So 9-year-old Lacey, youngest of the other family, wrote this song for their distraught neighbors. 

A song for our neighbors by Lacey Patrice Petitt, Age 9 


Verse 1:

There will be a mountain in life you can’t climb over
but don’t let that mountain stop you.
Trust God to help you now. 
You can climb over that mountain.
I can do anything with God.


No mountain can stop me ‘cause God is on my side.
He helps me through my ups and downs.
So with God on my side I can do anything
and He’ll help me through everything.
No more mountains can stop me.

Verse 2:

Challenges come through every once in awhile
and we think, what will bring us up?
This mountain is stopping us and we can’t control it.
This mountain is too big for me. What will I do? 
Trust God. He’ll help me to get over this mountain.


Verse 3:

This mountain is getting bigger and bigger.
I get halfway, then I fall to the ground.
I try and try to get up but I fall.
I believe God can help me-now I see the other side. 
I’m over this mountain!


Verse 4: same as verse 1


Verse 5:

No more mountains for me
because I believe God will help me.
But next time it will just be a hill.
A hill.



The rest of them are hills.

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