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I read a Network post from 2011 about using the organ in praise and worship. The main theme was resistance and how to overcome it. My problem is just the opposite. There is 100% support for using the organ in all services and with all types of music (from our Music Director down to the congregation). I have experience on the piano and organ but am rusty at the moment. I have recently resumed playing the organ and I need HELP! I need to brush up on chord structure and transitions, esp. the unusual ones. I know nothing about how to best use the organ with the praise and worship music—it is different and requires a different approach.

I think learning more about the specific organ and how to get different tones would help. I have contacted the store where the organ was purchased two different times. They said they would have the person who could help call me but that didn't happen.

I have been considering finding someone from whom I could take lessons but have been unable to find someone at this point. I have materials and previous knowledge so I am working at relearning and practicing the chord positions in each key. I also am studying the various types of chords.

I also have a complicating factor—fibromyalgia. The mental "fog" and constant headaches make it difficult for me to just read and study. However, I am praying for God's guidance and healing.

Does anyone have any suggestions?? Techniques? Resources?

Thank you for bearing with me in this lengthy post.



Hi Diane, 

I'm not an organ player so I don't know for sure, but I would think you might be able to glean some information from some of the instructional videos on YouTube for playing keyboard in worship (it will seem overly simplistic, but when you're playing with a number of other musicians your role in the music decreases, not necessarily in importance, but in the amount of "notes played" as instead of filling the whole spectrum of sound you'll have a particular role). 

If you have specific questions you could ask and I could try to answer out of my limited knowledge. 

Thank you for your response. It is more helpful than you know. I have a feeling I am making this harder than I should. I will definitely do as you suggested.

Thanks again


When you play with a group, you could consider starting by playing only the melody line, and then gradually work from there. The organ is able to provide a sustained note better than any other instrument and can also be used to solo out the melody this way. For the rest, one would need to know what kind of playing you do. Did you take piano lessons? Do you mostly chord, or can you play in a more traditional way? In many communities you could probably find people who will help you get started. What kind of organ does you church have? I am a retired pastor, and very much an amateur musician. I would say that above all you should keep it simple. Simple music can be very beautiful!

Thank you for responding. I have taken piano lessons sporadically since I was a child. As an adult I took lessons from our church piano/organist with the focus being the organ. She also taught me about chording to add more interest on the piano. She passed away quite some time ago. I have played the organ for our church in the past regularly. I have been taken away from that role for different reasons. I do well with hymns and "churchy" stuff.

My issue now is that we sing mostly praise and worship music. I know my role should be easy as we have a wonderful praise band. I may be making things more difficult than I should. However, I wonder if I can add to this type of worship with different techniques; I certainly need to understand the sounds and combinations the organ can create.

I am completely overwhelmed! It doesn't help that I have fibromyalgia which causes difficulty with concentration.

I would appreciate any and all suggestions. And lots of prayer!


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