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Thanks for your comment, Staci, and I agree... we all naturally seek out places and people that make us feel like we belong. Thus the popular phrase: "These are my people." How great would it be if everyone in a church referred to their congregation as "my people"!

Thanks for your comment, Mindie. I love it that your church is talking about something so basic as knowing each other's names... It's a simple act that makes people feel known, like they belong. I believe belonging is so foundational to everyone's faith formation, young and old. I feel extremely blessed to belong to a church that does this so well. Yet, I know there are individuals that have not had the same experience at my church. So then the question is: How do we as the church help everyone that comes through our doors feel a sense of belonging? Knowing names is a great place to start. If you know someone's name, conversations and common ground are a lot easier to find and relationships can build from there. Blessings on you and your church for making this a priority!

Nursery is one of the many ways we can be intentional about intergenerational ministry within our congregation. There are some Sundays in my home church where there are 4 generations represented in that one room.... and they are all doing ministry together. 

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