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I've just come across this and I'm interested in the Church Order part of it. We changed our structure a number of years ago. We have 1 Administrative Council made up of 5-7 people (elected by the congregation) including the pastor. We also have Pastoral Care Visitors and Deacons who volunteer and are not elected. Are we out-of-line with Church Order(we are being told - Church Order is a guideline not a strict policy).

Our church has been around for many years and has gone thru some tribulations when we removed a previous pastor. Our current pastor has a more modern outlook and follows more of the modern mega church pastors ie Andy Stanley, Craig Groeschel, and Global Leadership Summit stuff. 

As mentioned the current structure is just the elected Admin Elders 5-7 +pastor. The Admin council does not have any elected deacons on it. Can a member of the church make the request of Classis for a church visit or does it need to go through council?

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