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This is amazing statistics, I knew that businesses definitely need a website or they essentially don't exist. Imagine if you google your local movie theater or grocery store and they do not have a website. But I never knew that having a website is so important to a nonprofit entity like a church, because one would think that people that go to church are old school and they would not care about whether or not they church has a website. I am religious myself but I do not come from a religious family, my parents taught me to be a good person and everything but they didn't teach me to go to church or anything of that nature. But when I was in my teens I had an incident in my life which made me believe in a higher power and the rest is history. Back to the topic. I would like to explore this more about how people are caring more and more about every entity, including a church, having a website. If a church or any other organization is not found on the web, these days it is not normal and people expect you to be on the web. There is also an informative video on youtube about the importance of church websites which I am watching, it is a little over an hour but it's very informative, I will post the link below if anyone wants to check it out


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