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That might be true about some who follow the group but no, not one word out of the founders' mouths or a sentence in their own documents mentions Jesus or Christian faith at all. They ironically have statements against the nuclear family, which is the surest route out of poverty and dangerous neighborhoods.


I don't fault them for not mentioning Jesus, I'm faulting our leaders for looking to a non-Christian group for answers to sin.  There are many Christian civil rights groups to choose from, The Radiance Foundation is a good one;

Jack, you're kind of setting it up where if I defend myself against some of your points, I don't think I'm a sinner or have ever had a racist thought, but here goes.  I have read about many instances of police brutality and I'm disturbed by them all, white, brown or black. Do you know the names Daniel Shaver or Justine Damond?  Those were horrifying examples of police brutality but didn't much press so you may not have heard of them.  Not  many people know the name of the retired police officer murdered in the riots in St Louis, either, but they should.  It's not that we don't care, it's just that we're feeling manipulated because we're told who to get mad or sad about and who isn't worth even hearing about.

This response is so insulting but it is telling about the thinking in the denomination building so thank you for being honest.  Critical Race Theory and support for BLM are not universally accepted among people of color so it seems kind of demeaning to think they need to be protected by you if they are challenged by another way of thinking.  If I could bring a handful of my conservative friends who are people of color down to talk to you it might help you see that those who were offended were of a political bent or certain worldview that ran counter to what was being said, it has nothing to do with skin color.  My conservative friends of color are brave and triumphant brothers and sisters in Christ standing with me, they are not what CRT or BLM tells them they are; victims.

I agree with Dan.  A secure border is not a concept that suddenly became un-Christian two years ago, it used to be a common belief we all held.  The main beneficiaries of a lawful society are women and children, they are also the most in danger when the law erodes.  Jesus knew that Rome could be quite brutal but they were the source of order and the rule of law that holds back chaos which is always worse for humans.  Therefore, he didn't say much of anything to them about how to conduct their business.  He told me how to act when I see someone vulnerable and in need and that must always be in our minds but govt has different rules than individuals.

Hi Steve, asylum is a protected US and Intl right to claim but it would also be foolish for us not to observe that claims have tremendously spiked as word of this process got out.  Claiming asylum means a person enters a country without legal right to do so, then asserts he cannot be deported, because deporting him would likely result in his death due to racially, religiously, politically, ethnically, or sexually based violent discrimination.  Even after prompting, many of the people in the recent caravan admitted that they wanted a better life for their family when questioned.  This is obviously understandable but doesn't fit any definition of asylum.  It takes a lot of discerning to figure this out.

Hi Ken, I think it has a lot to do with which church you attend and which forums here you read as to whether you detect a movement towards open borders.  You're fortunate if you don't run across it much but many listened-to voices in the CRC are very much open to this line of thinking so I agree with Dan's reasoning to put this counter position out there.

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