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Thanks, Safe Church Ministry, for creating the webinar opportunities for connection and learning with valuable online conversation!  It does help to "see" the participants, too, and especially now when we are staying put in our homes with our electronic devices for companionship!  

The upcoming topics for the last Wednesdays of the month should prove to be very informative and emotionally engaging.  I believe I heard Ruth Everhart at the 2016 conference (right?) and still vividly remember her powerful presentation.  

Your resource list inspires me.  Just yesterday I watched a couple of Diane Langberg's lectures about power on YouTube and found them profoundly insightful.  If anyone is reading this comment, I urge you to put your headset on as you rattle around your home and listen to her words of wisdom about the sinful and holy aspects of power.  

I, too, am becoming more convinced that Christ's message is uncomplicated:  to infiltrate this earthly kingdom with His righteousness.  May He give us the grace and power to do so.   

As a SCM coordinator for Classis Muskegon, I should probably be most moved by the targets you hold up for Safe Church.  But I have to admit I'm really touched by Roy's fabric sculpture and respond emotionally to the fertile and exciting underpinnings below what we see.  It's like the iceberg below the surface that we can't see:  massive and solid.  Great symbolism here, Eric, using the tree mycorrhiza concept.  Thank you for bringing these points of reference together in one writing!  Let's keep expanding how our base of safe church ministry to go deep and wide throughout our church communities.  May your SCM work and your trees thrive!  


Safe Church Ministry will not be the same without you, Bonnie.  But I don't begrudge your decision for a second.  You have worked hard, well and faithfully.  Your efforts have been blessed.  Thank you so much for all that you've been able to do in the name of Jesus.  

I have no doubt that your work will continue, only in a new direction.  It remains to be seen what that will look like!  Hang on!  

Dear Miriam:  It was lovely to visit with you during Inspire 2019.  But I had no idea you would be leaving Safe Church when you and your amazing guide dog sat near me at the Safe Church sectional.  I'm sad to see you leave, but so thankful that you are stepping out in faith to earn your PhD.   Your testimony to how God works is well, inspiring!  :)  Blessings to you in your next endeavor!


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