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Thank you Sparrow, 

This is a beautiful, heartfelt reflection and loving exhortation for us all to give serious consideration to. This line is haunting to me:

(In short: we continue to create, participate in and demand models of care that we would never set foot in ourselves and we are, in real time, contributing to the dehumanization of a people group in thought and action).  

Shamefully I have to admit that I am complicit in the perpetuation of "creating, participating in and demanding models of care (for others) that "I" would never "accept" for myself (or approve of for my own children). What is amazing about your writing in this piece is the way your life with your family and your solidarity with the unhoused neighbors you count as friends embodies the essence of what you have penned on paper.

Thank for the courageous witness and convicting example of your life and ministry. I find here a loving rebuke to consider the ways I am guilty of the Pharisaic posture of objective distancing myself from the "other" as opposed to the loving act of "human embrace." You are an inspiration!! THANK YOU!!

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