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Wow! This was an absolutely incredible response Mark! Seriously, I truly mean that!

Now, for anyone that may find themselves incorrectly thinking that this complimentary comment is in any way some kind of an attempt at brown nosing or sucking up to this author, then quite frankly you'd be terribly wrong. In fact, I hadn't the slightest clue about who Mark was prior to reading this article here. That's the honest truth. I have never read anything else that he has written, much less the comment sections for any of the other pieces that he has written, and I didn't even know that he was actually the person that had written this article until I finished reading the article; and even still I sort of glazed over that so I didn't really take notice of who the author was until I reached this comment section! So, to be completely clear here... this is not some biased remark or anything like that and I'm definitely not a paid for bot or fake profile either. Not that anyone cares, but I just wanted to go on record here by stating all of that.

 Why take the time to clarify this when it is, for all intents & purposes, a relatively moot point; especially given that most of the comments are practically a decade old & even the most recent update to this article, which may have only come by way of an overall update to this site in general? Well, it's simple... credit should be given where credit is due and I wanted to ensure that it was universally recognized as being the genuine compliment that I intended for it to be. With all the bots, fabricated profiles, paid for followers & fake news plaguing the world today in the world, I felt that this clarification was absolutely pertinent.

 So, once again... amazing response Mark. I certainly know who you are now &, with that said, I definitely look forward to reading more of what you've written & I'll also be on the lookout for other things that you may write in the future. Oh, and I had no idea that this was even a Christian website; not that it matters, but I definitely wanted to mention that because I didn't come here specifically seeking a Christian opinion on this matter. I just simply clicked on a link that was provided to me via a Google search about the topic at hand and that's how I ended up here. Honestly, I don't even align myself with any denomination or religious oligarchy at all and I don't have any intention of ever staking claim to be associated with any one group or solely following any teachings that are seen to be primarily specific to one belief or another.
Do I believe there is a God? Yes, of course. Is my vision of that God the same as yours in particular? Well, I can pretty safely, no it is probably not & it may not be anywhere even remotely in the same ballpark, haha. But I do believe there is a divine creator, something far greater than us and I believe that being to be a good/positive one; which also makes room for there to be a negative force within the whole of all of creation. Certainly, I definitely do believe that there is a rudimentary evil that exists. I also believe that there is more than just this life, that we have souls that carry on after this earthly vessel it travels within until it's time for it to move on for one reason or another. I believe the choices that we make now shape the trajectory of our soul's path once it's free from the ride it's currently on. And just as it is in anything, there are advertisements, manipulations and active recruitment actively in play by both sides of that good-evil paradigm So, in that regard, I feel that we can find commonality in our belief that there is, indeed, an ongoing spiritual war at hand. And I side with you as a warrior for "good" (I.e.; being a good person, one that shows great compassion for others, truly cares about all people equally, loved unconditionally, is kind to a fault, always unselfishly putting others first without hesitation and, to that last point, I'm s firm believer that the Golden Rule is one that should be paramount above all others because we should undoubtedly always treat others as we would want to be treated...a fairly novel idea I'd say as we are all humans here, each of miraculously created the same way, making us all equal with no one being greater or lesser than the other when we're brought into this world.

 So, although I'm not some avid fan, I'm equally not a dissenter or radical oppositionist... I'm a highly intelligent individual with an open mind. I think for myself and I will go to great lengths to seek out the truth, never settling for something that I'm simply told without there already being a substantial amount of facts in place to support whatever it may be that I was told. That never ending pursuit is what lead me to this article here and ultimately to discover who you are. I'm grateful for this result. 

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