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Growing up, we always used the Today devotional after breakfast before going to work/ school.  At dinner, we took turns reading a portion of Scripture and praying.  We would agree upon a book of the Bible to go through.  We used different translations over the years.  Now with my own family, breakfast is very quick and not always together so we don't have a set pattern for devotions.  Sometimes I read the verse of the day from YouVersion Bible app with my children.  But I try to have my personal devotions in the morning.  After dinner, we read the Today devotional together or we read through a portion of Scripture together and pray our own prayers.  It's important to us to have this time of drawing to God through His Word and prayer.  It's also important that it is a good routine so that even when our children have friends over, we continue to do the same and it's not neglected nor something out of the ordinary.  

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